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    My credit is not perfect, and I recently obtained my L/H & P/C license in CA.

    Next step prior to appointments is E & O...

    So my question is who can I apply with for the best rates? I do not have a BK, just high charge off accounts due to my business taking a hit after 10 years.

    Thank you.
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    I'm not aware of any E&O underwriter conducing a credit check however, I'm not at all familiar with P&C.

    Here are the questions for our E&O - if you answer "yes" to the first and "no" to the rest you're instantly approved, however this does not include P&C:

    1. Do you have all valid and required licenses in all jurisdictions in which you act as an Agent and/or Registered Representative?

    2. In the last five (5) years, have you been the subject of any written customer complaint that remained unresolved after three (3) months, or of any customer claim, suit or arbitration?

    3. Do you have any knowledge or information of any fact situation, allegation, and complaint or incident which may result in a complaint, claim, suit or arbitration against you?

    4. Are you aware of or involved in any fee dispute with a client?

    5. Have you ever had any professional license or registration denied, suspended, revoked, non-renewed or restricted in any way?

    6. Have you ever been formally accused of violating any professional association's code of ethics?

    7. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than minor traffic violations?

    8. Has any contract between you and an insurance company, broker/dealer, SRO or others been suspended, terminated, non-renewed or restricted? (Note: This is not applicable to lack of production terminations.)

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