iPipeline esignature rookie tips, app returned to me, but can't access

Jan 5, 2019

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    Any iPipeline whisperers out there?
    Lincoln National Term Accel. In this case remote e signature convenience that is not so convenient.
    More signatures needed, more money. The process I am told is so easy, turns out to have been somehow confusing to the client, who did his best on the first try with e siging, but I now have a long email from Lincoln with a series of more signatures needed, and more money approved by him (small amount), since he chose back paying to save age.
    It probably wouldn't have helped for me to be there with him, since the process is new to me, and I would prefer not to fumble when with clients. I have branched back out into life insurance, and now iPipeline seems to be the platform for many carriers/GA's.
    It's the client annoyance factor that bothers me and my assurance that completing the process would result in him being covered. So now we are in the weekend, no one to answer the phone to help me, and the email request for more signatures (with no detail about how to re-launch the app) came at the very end of day yesterday.
    The app shows on the Lincoln agent portal iPipeline section, but not with the current signatures, only the first ones, I could only maybe get back in by making a change to the app (?) which maybe seems to be what I am to do, since the email said the app was sent back to me. I am really reluctant to go in and try to fix things, that might really create a mess. even if I could get in.
    The original e app email directs me to a an IGo app help section but no way to access the specific topic mentioned.
    I guess trying to do this over the weekend is the thing I have to let go of.