Looking for Insurance Agents to Test Life Live Transfers

Discussion in 'Insurance Leads' started by lcastellanos09, Jun 30, 2017.

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    I did the survey and was to get 20 life leads. I got 6 leads. been over a month since the last one so I assume that's the total I will get.

    Of the 6 I wasn't able to contact any of them. I sent emails to all 6 and no response. I called all 6 at least a half dozen times with no answer. One of them was a bad number when calling.

    The 5 that did have good numbers I left a message after 2-3 weeks of calling. No response from the messages either.

    That's my experience with this trial. The closest lead to me was over 100 miles away so no DK'ing of these.

    Admittedly that's a very small sample. But it's all I got. This prompted me to call them again. I just called the 5 with good numbers. No answers.

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