New CA mileage law made my rates go up, but I don't drive much.

Jun 12, 2019

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    I know about entering your miles. That program has been scrapped by State Farm and others in place of the new state legislation.

    I do have my last miles submitted and I have the current miles. They keep saying the quotes are generated by the system and that they don't know anything about how it's generated. This is what they - the insurance agents are saying. They are saying that they have no control over what the underwriters are doing. I drive about 10 miles to work and I'm home on the weekends, and maybe go to my parents house on the way home every now and then which only 5 miles away from where I live by the way.

    This BS is not fair to people who have to commute and already pay crazy California gas prices/Taxes.This is just another tax on the public by the corrupt communists that run the oligarchy in California. The dummy's in CA voted NO to Proposition 6 to repeal gas taxes. Now the trucking industry is going to pass off these costs to retailers so you get hit at the pump and the stores.

    California is a pile of $hit on the map because of all the socialist ignorant a-holes that allow their government to run the state into the ground. It's no wonder why so many hard working people and business have left the state. I deliver propane and I'm seen a lot of people on my route that have left. I'm dropping State Farm.

    If you punish hard work, you destroy exceptionalism - Rush L
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    Nailed it.
    pfg1, Jul 11, 2019