New York State UHC Essential Plan Commission

Feb 22, 2016

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    I was contacted by this guy SEE BELOW - with an email that the NYS UHC Essential Plan was commissionable. (Yes I know none of the others are and I know UHC dropped individual commission, but they didn't in NY.)

    He's conveniently taken a powder. He gives out an email address and says contact this address - they'll take care of the commission. They won't, wrong department.

    Anyone been paid. This guy is out right obnoxious when trying to get information.

    Casey Smith
    Senior Broker Account Executive
    Golden Rule Insurance Company
    7440 Woodland Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46278

    Phone: (317) 715-7159
    Toll Free: (800) 926-7602 ext. 77159
    L5tc, Feb 22, 2016