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Oct 22, 2015

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    Anyone ever see this? I had one client call me with a Physician's Mutual captive agent touting their company as the best in this "unbaised" Weiss report. It was laughable the stuff my client relayed back to me.

    Here is an email a client just forwarded to me:

    Dear Patricia,

    Dr. Martin Weiss
    Medicare Open Enrollment just began and ends December 7.

    But if you or someone you care about is about to sign up — or is currently covered by Medicare — there are two unfortunate truths about Medicare you need to know:

    First, there is a huge gap between what your doctor or hospital charges you and what Medicare covers.

    Medicare was never designed to cover all your regular medical bills. And if you get seriously ill or suffer a major accident, you could find yourself owing tens of thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of dollars in medical bills.

    The single best solution is an insurance policy that covers most of that gap — a Medigap policy. BUT that leads me to ...

    The second unfortunate truth: At least half the insurance companies in America are overcharging you for Medigap policies, and many are grossly overcharging.

    How do I know? Because my company, Weiss Ratings, is the only one in the country who has the data and can find the few safe companies that can save you a not-so-small fortune.

    We don't sell insurance — never have and never will. Nor do we represent any of the insurance companies, directly or indirectly. Our job is strictly to give you a custom report with all the specific names and numbers you need to save a lot of money.

    The details are in my free report, The Great Healthcare Rip-off of 2015. In it, I show you how to get:

    The important answers to your most urgent healthcare questions.

    The vital information you need to secure the best combination of savings and safety with Medigap policies. (Information nearly impossible to get from your agent — or anyone else.)

    A complete list of nearly all insurance carriers in your area and what they are offering you right now for EACH Medigap plan based on your personal circumstances. Plus, your actual current price quotes.

    Ratings for every company in your personalized report.

    Savings of up to as much as $5,000 per year on your insurance; and much more!
    There is no reason you or anyone in your life has to fall victim to the convoluted health care system we have today.

    Just click here to receive your FREE report immediately.

    Good luck and God bless!

    kstein, Oct 22, 2015
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    Your response to the prospect, when presented with the above :

    1. Have you ever heard of Dr. Marty Weiss? He has a history of fraud that drove him out of the securities advisory business. Of course, like other 1%'s he was able to pay hefty fines instead of doing time. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/admin/2006/ia-2525.pdf

    [personal note: I remember he and Larry Edelson advising clients to fully mortgage their homes and buy a leveraged stock portfolio in 1998-2000.]

    2. So now it looks like he is offering a report that is full of lies and is misleading. ie Reports are free and easy to get from any indy broker, Weiss is not the only company with this info, he hasn't disclosed how his company benefits from this.....

    Sounds like the fines he paid weren't enough to get him to change his ways.

    end of discussion

    PS - earlier this year he was selling the report for $99
    MatthewC, Oct 22, 2015
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    North Carolina
    That's great... just saved that link for later use.

    Had a crazy guy tell me a couple weeks ago that my rates were "off" because Weiss Report told him there was a Plan G for his zip code for $109. Problem is - Weiss was quoting 65 female and this guy was a 73 year old male. They give prospects the lowest rate possible to get them to purchase the report. He told me that, since my rates were "dishonest", he would just pay to get the full Weiss report. I told him okey dokey, I think that would be a good fit for you!