Have an idea and resources for auto leads, need them underwritten.

Mar 25, 2019

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    I'm NOT in insurance, I'm in marketing, tech and commercial real estate. Having built out and sold companies using my unique know how. Please keep my lack of insurance knowledge in mind.

    I have an idea/concept to market to a very specific, highly enthusiastic driver. I have the resources to build a tech lead acquisition platform and market it correctly to generate said leads.

    What I lack is a back-end, non-captive agency or creative underwriter to write the policies. We can even build a modern, customer concentric servicing platform the like of which hasn't been seen in the staid insurance industry.

    I realize what I wrote is hugely open-ended and somewhat vague, coupled with the fact this is my first post on this forum, so I understand your skepticism.

    I'm not looking for money, just a way to quote the highly specific auto leads I get.

    Reach out only if you want to get involved and have the existing infrastructure to deliver the back-end nationwide. Don't worry about integrating our tech with yours, my team can handle this.

    I kid not when I say this has 100% potential to be massive, if executed intelligently.

    Thank you.