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    I'm talking in general. I've been watching the tactical strategies and comparing them for a few years. I met with an 84 year old could recently where their Fargo advisor had them in a WBI strategy and they have dropped over 15%. Who have you seen that has a solid downside protection strategy? I've been seeing it's riskier actually.
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    I had another advisor send me this portfolio analysis some time ago. It is older as it's through June, 2014. The original names were changed/omitted in this analysis.

    The 1st page shows the client's initial portfolio and compared it to FANRIA's in-house risk-based portfolios... but I wish I could show history before 2008.

    The other pages show their other portfolio managers. Howard Capital looks pretty decent. Obviously there were some losses with all the other managers, and it's pretty obvious that not all of these managers are 'tactical' managers.

    Of course, a big part of this is managing client expectations. Perhaps Horton simply isn't doing a good enough job in that area.

    Note: I'm not with FANRIA, but it is a company I've been looking into.

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