How long should it take to cancel appt?

Oct 5, 2007

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    I was having problems with UA (like being able to look myself in the mirror) and canceled my appointment with them. I'm scheduled to start with AGLA soon, so I really need that cancellation to show up on the DoI website. The general manager at AGLA said to cancel my appt with UA, send in a letter terminating my contract. As a courtesy, I called the manager to let her know I was leaving before sending a letter. I told her that I was leaving and asked what else needed to be done to cancel my appt. She said, "nothing, I'll tell so and so and we will take care of it." I asked, "I don't need to send a letter in then." She said it wasn't necessary. This conversation took place September 24th, and the DoI shows me as still appointed with UA as of today!

    How long should it take for the DoI website to reflect this? I have a feeling that UA hasn't even submitted any forms to them.

    Now, if you have another minute, you may want to read this and share some advice b/c the plot thickens.

    I'd like to call and ask wtf is up, but I am trying to avoid talking to them as much as possible. A customer is upset with the amount of time it took to issue a policy. I was told it would be issued and ready for delivery around the 21s of Sept. It wasn't, and I tried to help as much as possible. Kept getting the run around w/ the company. He wants his money back and they said it was going to take about three weeks, even though he has already waited this long on the policy! He has since filed a complaint with the DoI against UA. Every time I've spoken with him, he has thanked me for my help and expressed that his only beef lies with UA and my manager. Well, I got a call from the manager after I kept trying to get her to get in contact with him. She said she had spoken to him and he filed a complaint against UA and a complaint against !ME! for misrepresentation. (huh? :skeptical: ) This seemed wrong, as I had even went back and said, "hey, now that I know this and this you may be better elsewhere." After the manager telling me this, I called back Mr. Customer and politely said, "Hi Mr. X, just calling to make sure so and so got in touch with you. BTW, it's your right to do so as an insurance consumer, but so and so said that you had filed a complaint with the DoI against me personally. Is this the case?" He was shocked, and it confirmed my suspicion that she had lied to me.

    Because of this, I don't want to even talk to her. I know if I do I'm gonna flip my lid and give her an earful. IMO, this would motivate her to find way to wrap me up in this and some how throw me under the bus.
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    Man, that sucks. I don't have any advice, really, but my contract was canceled with UA about a month ago (thankfully) after months and months of inactivity. It still shows up on DoI's website (just checked).

    I'm amazed that companies like this actually stay in business. What a load of steamers...
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    I'm told that in CA it cost $24 to have your name taken off the DOI database. I'm not sure it is true but if so, perhaps it is same in your state and that is the delay. UA may not want to pay it.

    Guest, Oct 5, 2007
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    Alot of companies do ya dirty. You have to realize even as a captured, you're on your own. Be aware that those who smile and pat you on the back, did the same to somebody else 6 months ago...

    A major player I used to work for used to and maybe still does submit information into your securities file with the SEC that you were let go for the "criminal acts" clause in their contracts.... nice thing to have in your file..
    Time and expense to grab an attorney, draft a letter and get back a "whoops our bad" and we'll fix it immediately. Funny thing was it was a pretty consistent "whoops" as they did it over and over to their agents. It wasn't just my file..

    Don't expect when you leave anywhere that the people you leave will do the right thing. Even with the good companies...bad people exist.
    You have to watch your own back.