Insurance Newbie in Commercial Lines

Jan 12, 2017

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    I am brand new to the insurance field. I was a graphic designer & was a retail manager before. I passed my P&C producers exam last summer and started working at an insurance brokerage that Fall. I am about six months in to my new career/job and I have learned a TON but I want to start filling in the gaps more.

    I have my 4 year degree (though its in print production and advertising)
    I may eventually go back and take a few credits geared towards my path now. But I am more looking for information geared towards the ins and outs of policies and how to make sure the client is getting quoted for the correct coverage.

    My employer has been great besides the lack of communication here and my first day I showed up and I was told I was in Commercial lines....yeah I had NO clue I was going to be in CL, thought I would start in PL. Regardless, they basically got me started working on things hands right away, and then just ask questions along the way.

    I am trying to find some books or videos online (free) that cover more of the CSR/Producer's side of the business rather than the selling portion. I do not handling anythings sales wise, I simply take care of the account side of things, quote new and existing policies (most of my clients are contractors, small businesses, service businesses).

    I know everything comes with time, I just want to gain more confidence that I am quoting things correctly and I can aid the sales team in what they need for new policies. There are so many details and rules for commercial lines, I just get overwhelmed sometimes. I have searched on my own, but everything is either geared towards sales or just passing the exam. Thanks a bunch!
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    There are several Insurance Designations that help ramp up your
    insurance knowledge: CPCU, CIC, ARM, etc. Also check out the Book "101 Ways
    to Cut Business Insurance Costs".

    Jeff Biesen
    Owner of JBI Insurance Group
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