Licensed in Colorado--Looking for Broker/Mentor

May 5, 2008

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    I'm currently a reserve agent with Farmers Insurance with minimal success after more than 6 months. Its a combination of virtually no sales training and little support from management. On top of that it has been a financial struggle due to medical bills from my mother being diagnosed with serious illness and no health insurance. I'm concluding that Farmers may not be the right place for me.

    My 1st choice would be to get involved with an independent broker who is willing to take me under his/her wing and help me transition into building my own agency a couple years down the road. Another possibility is to be groomed to take over a retiring agency.

    My 2nd idea is to get in with a different exclusive company that will provide better training and some sort of base salary for at least a few months; or a company where quick commissions are a real possibility. Maybe a good life company since commissions are often front loaded and can mean a quick buildup to a decent income.

    I love the idea of having some independence and having the opportunity to help people. I believe in the value of insurance and want to take that to my clients.

    I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions. If you are have a busy agency in Denver and would like sales help that would be great! Also, any comments on Farmers is welcome.

    Thanks and wish me luck!
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    P and C is a tough market to start with. Farmers, being an open door company, brings a lot of reserve agents in and just looks for what sticks.

    It's all about leads in insurance. P and C the easiest way to get leads is by cold calling. If you spend 2 hours a night cold calling homes you should be able to generate 3 to 4 policies each day. (Health guys don't freak out on that number, a policy is for each car, home, etc... When I was with Farmers I once wrote 9 policies in one household)

    Now if you don't have the kahunas to cold call for just 2 hours a night then the Insurance biz might not be your game. It's a small sacrifice to make initially. Down the road, after you career, they will give you money to pay people to do that and you will be able to work referals and buy leads.

    Also you will want to supplement your income with health insurance sales. Selling health insurance you will be amazed at the difference in COMMISSIONS. Cross sell your clients and you will find 10 to 15% of them will need health insurance. If you can place 5 new apps a month you can increase your income by up to $3,000.

    You can check out my site below for appointments in health insurance with a couple of carriers but you can also look around and see what else is available.
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    I would look into the Senior Market...

    Annuites, Medicare, Final Expense, Day Time Appointments, and People keep the policies longer...

    If you would like an idea of my business and how I do it feel free to PM me or call me...

    I wish you the best of luck!