Licensed Sales Producer (P&C and Life/Health)

Jul 29, 2015

  1. ModernInsurance

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    Just wanted to say hello to anyone who takes the time to read this. I've been lurking on this board for some time now and finally decided to join.

    As for me, I started in claims for a nonstandard carrier headquartered in Columbus, Ohio right out of college and absolutely despised it. Looking back, I gained some valuable skills and experience that helped me to get back into the industry. I've held an Ohio Life/Health license since 2011 (although I've never sold a single policy), also P&C licensed in Delaware and Maryland. I have been working for one of the largest carriers as a captive producer since December 2014 and focus primarily on personal lines.

    This forum has some really, really great information on here and some extremely knowledgeable members. Glad to be a part of it now!
  2. jkearns

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    Welcome... I too recently joined after lurking on this board for some time. I am licensed in over 21 states, with plans to be licensed on all 50, plus DC. My resident license is in California, where I'm own a captive book of business, but free to broker or get appointments in all my non-resident states or even in my resident state, so long as my captive carrier declines it first or doesn't offer it.

    I too am glad to be apart of of this board now.
    jkearns, Aug 2, 2015