New Indy Agent Question

Dec 21, 2008

  1. soulchild

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    Hello community. I have ready this forum religiously for the last few months and have learned a lot. I have been in the financial services arena for about 5 years but new to the indy channel. My question for all of you seniors is what type of support should I be receiving from my IMO, BGA, etc. I have a 100%+ contract with my carriers and my main product is UL. My problem is getting my applications issued in a timely manner. I write so much business that it is extremely difficult to stay on top of everything and stay on the phone with the carriers' underwriters every day for hours to get my business processed. I have been having to take Fridays off from selling just to sit in the office and followup on business all day. I just wanted to know is this the norm? I do not need any type of training, leads, hand holding or motivation, just help getting my business issued. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. xrac

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    Some IMO, BGA, and insurance companies have better customer service and faster policy processing than others. There can be a huge difference. I know this from experience.
    xrac, Dec 21, 2008