New Life/Health Agent Looking for Guidance

Jan 11, 2018

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    New Jersey
    Hi All,

    I am a brand new Life/Health agent and live in Southern NJ. Just passed my exams, coursework, etc. I did all this without a company sponsor as I have been wanting to break into the industry for a while now. Also, I should mention that I am new to the sales arena too. That being said I am looking for employment and want to find a company that supports new agents and those without a direct sales background. I do not want to get into a company that encourages "cold calling" or "hard selling". Rather, I want to ease into this field and get my feet wet first. A company that offers some kind of base salary + commission is preferred. Knowing my business style I definitely need a good mentor and support system. With over 10 years work experience (post-college) I know that the skills I have acquired will translate to insurance nicely.

    • Can anyone recommend some good companies to look into?
    • Do any companies these days provide their agents with health benefits?
    • Has anyone started in a support position prior to getting into a full-fledged sales position? If so, what was your experience like? Would you recommend this?

    Any advice you could give a newbie would be greatly appreciated!
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    It sounds like a captive place might work best for you. Generally, they are the only ones that might offer a base salary + commission. Most of the independent places only offer commission, again I did say most, not all. I don't know any to recommend to you, unfortunately.

    I would start by using google to find some local in your area. Submit your resume, call in, search for some job openings on LinkedIn.
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    some are captive in one form of insurance and not in others.
  4. DHK

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    Your post is contradictory at best. You think that - whatever you did - will translate to insurance nicely... BUT:
    - "I don't want to get into a company that encourages "cold calling" or "hard selling" (the two are completely different, but the apparently feel the same in your mind)
    - You want a base salary + commission
    - You think you have a "business style", but you also say "I definitely need a good mentor and support system."


    What you seek... does not exist. Salary + commission in the insurance business really should be read as "give me leads and I'll sell them for a lower commission because I don't want to or can't create my own prospects on my own." Insurance selling is a HARD CORE BUSINESS... and you're not ready based on what you're looking for.

    Insurance companies and agencies pay for results AFTER they are obtained. This keeps premiums low and dividends high for policyholders by doing business this way.

    Here's what I would suggest: find a job as an assistant to a financial advisor. You can learn investments, basic insurance, retirement planning, and get a salary, bonus commissions, securities licensing, and employee benefits. You can learn from the advisor you assist. You'll have stability for a while. You may even obtain a designation or two. Check with banks, credit unions, etc.

    That all being said: Almost EVERY captive life insurance agency may offer you up to 3 month salary. That's not much and I wouldn't count on it for much.

    One I would consider might be Securian Financial Group. I seem to remember that they pay you for ACTIVITY. It was on an older online brochure I recall seeing before.

    New Advisors

    You may also want to check out your local NAIFA chapter and network with them to see who they know that might have a position that fits what you're looking for. Especially if they have a YAT (Young Advisor Team) chapter - that would probably be most helpful.

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