Re: Employee Benefits Agency, what are commission splits for a producer normally

Mar 13, 2018

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    Currently splitting 60 to me and 40 to agency on all products-Grp Medical, dental, vis, cancer, Short, Long Disability, vol life, group life.

    On Grp Medical, on my main group, partners of agency are very helpful in quoting, technical aspects of grp plans, compliance and assist in online enrolling. Other than that (which is big) I take all the service calls, new card requests, etc. Its just the way the account was originally set up as i went out to all locations before we got the medical and I am listed as the main contact.

    On the Supplemental Insurance, I handle everything- all billing reconciliation, service calls, claims, correspondence, quoting, renewals, etc.

    Pay 100% of my expenses, travel ( extensive travel 3 months out of year) computer, E&O, licensing.

    was just curious to what was normal in this market.

    Thanks in advance for your answers
    coop123, Mar 13, 2018