Will State Farm Cancel Me or Should I Pay for Repairs on my Own?

Jan 19, 2016

  1. DuchessKate

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    Am I risking getting canceled by State Farm if I file a claim? Should I just pay it out of my own pocket?

    My beautiful car was perfect when I left work Friday night. I went to 1 place and parked where no other vehicles could get near the front passenger corner. Went to 2 places on the way home, with front passenger corner exposed.

    Saturday morning, I went out to my car and discovered damage to the front passenger corner. It had to have happened at 1 of the 2 stops Friday night.

    Found the part for the front bumper on the manufacturer's website and it's only $250. I realize there will be additional costs for labor and painting, so it will actually be higher than $250.

    Should I just pay the whole bill out of my own pocket? I've got a $250 deductible.

    I'm worried about getting canceled by State Farm.

    I've had my own policy with State Farm for 34 years and had ZERO claims until recently.

    * 2010 - I backed into a car that was parked illegally. I tapped her tire, yet she threw a fit and said I caused damage. State Farm paid the claim.

    * 2012 - I was hit and my vehicle was totaled by an uninsured driver. State Farm paid me. Then I bought a newer (but not new) car.

    * 2013 - I lost control in the snow and totaled the newer car. State Farm paid me.

    * 2015 - I lightly bumped my 2014 car into the back bumper of a luxury vehicle. Zero damage to my front bumper. I talked to my agent and asked if I was at risk of being canceled and he said I had the option of paying for her damage out of my own pocket instead of turning it in. Her estimate was $600 so I decided -- even though it was going to be tough -- I would pay it on my own. Next thing I know, State Farm says, "We've already paid her claim and your insurance will go up 10%."

    * 2016 - Now we're up to last Friday night with the mystery person who hit my car.

    I can't even afford the $250 deductible right now, let only a possible $1,000 to pay for the repairs on my own.

    My only options are:

    A. Turn it in to insurance and risk having another 10% upcharge or being canceled.

    B. Get some freelance work with a goal of paying for repairs ASAP.

    Any opinions on whether this puts me in danger of being canceled?

  2. djs

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    Based on the way you described it, this would be rated as a not at fault accident. It is unlikely they will cancel you for this.

    djs, Jan 20, 2016
  3. Heather

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    New York
    I have never dealt with state farm but several of my carriers would have cancelled you already. I have had people cancelled even if it was not at fault if they had previous history of claims even a series of small ones, so you never know. But I would not turn it in. I have a back yard mechanic I send people to for things like these.
    Heather, Jan 21, 2016