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Jul 10, 2008

  1. Fdw05

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum but wanted to make a post regarding starting out in the field of insurance and financial sales. I just recently finished college with my degree and finance and have interviewed with a couple companies in South Florida and would like to hear some feedback. I'm not looking for anything specific but more or less generalizing the nature of the job and what I can do to better my market. I've never sold insurance or financial products for that matter and I'm a little worried that I will be like a lost puppy out there in field. Mass Mutual was the 2nd company I had interviewed with and I really seemed to trust what they had to say and met with some specialist and supervisors and it really seemed like as close to family as the business could be. I'm going in for my 3rd interview next thursday a week from now and that should give me a chance to make my final decision on whether to join the company. In the meantime i'm trying to network with friends and colleagues in my market to get a sense of what this job will entail and see what exactly my market would be. Thanks for any advice in advance.
    Fdw05, Jul 10, 2008
  2. xrac

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    MM is a fine company and as long as the office has good management and someone that could be my mentor I would not hesitate to start to work there. MM has a lot of good things going for them. They are strong in life insurance and they support LEAP. You have to begin with the end in mind. There is a good chance that you won't end up where you start. With a lot of companies you are strictly captive but at MM you will have a great deal of autonomy and can broker business from other companies. That is very important as far as I am concerned.
    xrac, Jul 10, 2008
  3. patch36

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    Check out First Command out of Fort Worth. Depending where you are they may train you, pay for you to license up and give you a book of business. They are a very good outfit that in the past has primarily sold to military, but they are expanding and in some of their markets they are overwhelmed with the number of customers they need help with.

    You will get a 6, 63, & 65 as well as all your insurance licenses, but your bread and butter will be life. That is why I recently turned them down after going through their 2 week school. I don't like to sell life, and I was going to have to give up my existing business. I went through some great refresher courses but I decided to stay independent. If I was a new college grad I would look at them over anyone out there in the same business.
    patch36, Jul 11, 2008