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Continuing Education: CPCU 520 Difficulty

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    CPCU 520: The Second CPCU Exam
    The CPCU 520 exam is the second CPCU exam in a series of eight required exams to complete your CPCU designation. This exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions split up into two sections: 49 part A questions (concept questions) and 29 part B questions (case questions).

    For more insight, see our blog about the CPCU 520 exam format

    Note: I recommend completing the CPCU 500 exam before moving onto the CPCU 520. Although there is no required order to complete the CPCU exams, a lot of material from the CPCU 500 carries over to the 520 (such as risk control, risk management and insurance basics). If you have not passed your CPCU 500, see here for insight on the CPCU 500 difficulty

    CPCU 520 Difficulty
    According to The Institutes, the CPCU 520 has one of the highest success rates out of all the CPCU exams with a 78% pass ratio. In my opinion, the CPCU 520 was the easiest of all the CPCU exams simply because I was better prepared for the exam format after passing the CPCU 500 and the material directly related to my experience and training from working in the insurance industry.

    The CPCU 520 exam focuses on insurance operations, such as insurance regulation, underwriting, premium auditing and claims. The reason this exam is easier than most is because insurance professionals gain a solid understanding of the core material from on the job training and experience, meaning you won’t have to learn something completely new. This background knowledge is a HUGE help for understanding the basics of each core insurance operation but unfortunately, the CPCU 520 will test you on much more than just the basics.

    The hardest part of the CPCU 520 will be learning the minor details and complexities of each insurance function. Even if you’re an expert on the topic, you’ll need to fully study each section because the CPCU exams are known for testing you on the most minor little details; missing one detail can cause you to choose the wrong answer.

    Although this exam has one of the highest pass ratios, DO NOT take it lightly. All CPCU exams are tough and require you to fully study the online course. Be sure to fully study each chapter for the best results on your exam, even if you consider yourself an expert on one topic.

    For more insight, see our blog about the CPCU 520 Exam Questions

    Three Study Tips For The CPCU 520
    1) Read the entire online course and focus on the details: This is by far the most important tip. As mentioned above, you’ll probably have a general knowledge about each insurance operation but it’s the minor little details that will cause you to fail.

    2) Make a study guide: Taking notes and making a personal study guide is a great way to improve your ability to recall information on the exam. Make sure your study guide is short and easy to quickly review; this will help you keep track of those minor details and creates a reference sheet for you to review rather than re-reading the textbook.

    3) Practice, practice, practice: Take as many practice exam and quizzes as you possibly can. This will help you familiarize yourself with the CPCU 520 question format and help you determine which topics you need to re-study. Once you go through a few practice quizzes and exams, return to your notes and review any section that you failed. Free CPCU 520 practice exam

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