Damaged car. Hard time with adjuster.

Mar 29, 2019

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    Hello. My car was involved in an incident, someone hit my parked car in rear wheel and ran. The body damage is not that bad but as he hit the wheel, my car was pushed into the curb and it made some hidden damage. I had to file the claim eith my insurance because the police was not willing to check the cameta footage.

    The appraiser made an estimate for the body work, however he did not include both rims in the report.
    He said that he is not able to tell the hidden damage but a wheel alignment might fix the issue, he set an appointment into some car repair shop for me. I took the car into that shop, I've been sure that they are going to check the mechanical issues but they only did what the appraiser wrote on paper (alignment). I told them that the car is still not safe to drive, they said that it might have some damage but they did not check it. I had to pay $100 out of pocket for the alignment that didn't make any sense as it will still require new alignments after fixing whats wrong. They tried to reach my adjuster but she didn't pick-up the phone.

    I tried to reach him multiple times, left a voicemail and sent text but he didn't get back to me within 2 days.

    Not sure what I should do because my car is not drivable. I have a rental car and I'm afraid to be charged for using it as my car is not being repaired.

    I have a high deductible and an auto loan, so I paid off the car today to get the lien release so I will be able to get a payment directly, that way I would only fix the mechanical damage and leave the paint damage as is and put the body estimate towards deductible.

    I was thinking about getting the car to the dealership and a body shop to get a real check-up and estimate. Will I get a reimbursement from my insurance for that check up?


    Okay, I've been able to finally reach the adjuster.

    - I have to return the rental car by April 2nd.
    - I need to fax her my lien release once I receive it from my bank
    - He wil issue a payment for the estimate that he's done
    - I can take the car to a car repair shop, he insists to get it to the shop where I had the alignment done (which is a bit questionable, as for what I've noticed my insurance is repairing most cars at that shop, the owner is friends with my adjuster), he would than pay the shop directly for work done

    He also said that since I had the alignment done at a shop already, I am not able to get it to any other mechanic (?) I did not ask for the alignment.

    Not sure why can't I just get someone to look for the hidden damages and write an estimate, than get a payment and do whatever I want, have it fixed by my dad or a shop of my choice.
    Patryk, Mar 29, 2019
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    It is your policy and your vehicle. You can get an estimate from wherever you want to get an estimate. You did not indicate what vehicle you have but If it is front wheel drive and the damage is to the rear there is little chance that the alignment was done correctly, unless there is no damage. Your adjuster wants the original shop to look at the damage since they were paid once. An alignment read-out from any shop should be able to give you the current readings on the 4 wheels
    fed up, Mar 29, 2019
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    What camera footage?
    Why couldn't you check it for yourself?