Has Anyone Built a Facebook Page for Their Business?

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    As you post updates, photos and more, think about what your customers find interesting and inspiring. Experiment with different kinds of posts. Does your audience love photos or prefer it when you share useful links? You'll find out quickly by looking at your Facebook Page Insights----------
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    That's a site I just can't get interested in.
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    [Sorry, this content isn't available right now]

    Hi: this is what pops up with your FB link
    check your restrictions and make sure you uncheck the age - state country
    did you build your fan page from your FB personal ID?
    when I did a search for vivaquote.com this is what appears on FB:

    We couldn't find anything for vivaquote.com-term-life-insurance

    let me know if i can help- my teaching background is Educational Technology - a fancy word for building -ranking websites and online learning portals - with all that SEO jazz in between


    The business fan page on FB serves not only as a piece of virtual real estate but a social signal which on the Google rater is a good thing and a boost if you have a website that also has the social signals on it -

    moreover, when you identifyand select trending keyword rich content and then syndicate it - all over the web- like with syndwire or PRweb...but also on your FB fan page -- then your properly cited 'content' gets seen and you 'engage' new fans and visitors - so content + engagement builds your brand (your insr agency)-- then you take this fan base and send them to your website or a landing page with an opt in or a call to action or wherever you want. you can control your online traffic once you generate a continuous flow of visitors who were attracted initially by your {trending valuable content} to position you as authority in your field - like the Texas Insurance page.

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    What Does The Facebook Algorithm Take Into Consideration?

    No one is a 100% sure how Facebook or Google’s algorithms work. In fact, Lars Backstrom, Engineering Manager for News Feed Ranking at Facebook, estimated that there are as many as 100,000 individual weights which produce what users find in their daily News Feed.

    Although it’s impossible to know the secrets to these 100,000 factors, social media professionals around the world will agree on the following, which can make your content benefit from the Facebook algorithm.

    facebook post reations

    Up until 2015, Facebook only had three options for engagements on a post. Like, Comment, or Share. On October 8th, 2015, Facebook released Reactions which added being able to love, laugh, cry, wow, and be angry at posts in addition to just being able to like it.

    By offering these emotion-filled reactions, Facebook’s algorithm is gaining insights from users and your audience.

    If one of your followers were to click the “love” reaction on one of your post, they have just tweaked their personal Facebook algorithm to show more of your content on their News Feed, without you having to sponsor that piece of content.

    The same also works for the “angry” emotion. By giving Facebook the feedback that a certain post is making you angry, the algorithm will know not to show you more of that type of content so that you will ultimately stay on Facebook longer.

    So what does mean for your business page? It means that you should optimize your content for getting better reactions out of your audience. Get creative! Think about how you can pull out emotions from your audience to react to your content.

    Humor is always a good start but doesn’t always work out if it’s not executed properly. One creative method we used for generating reactions without sponsoring the post, is by using a reactions poll for Beetnik. (Notice how we didn’t include the angry reaction as an option)

    beetnik facebook poll post

    While reactions may play a role in the Facebook Algorithm, shares are golden. When people share content on Facebook, they are essentially telling the algorithm that piece of content is so good they wished they would have posted it themselves.

    How will I know that my posts will be engaging enough to gain shares?

    In addition to optimizing your content for shares, you can also test content on other social media platforms that have less dependent algorithms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. If you see a decent response on those platforms, you will likely see it on Facebook too.

    Although video content can be a challenge, it is one of the best pieces of content to gain organic impressions on Facebook. Facebook loves video content. Therefore, Facebook Live is ranking much higher in the News Feeds, which is a great way to get your content noticed and interact with your viewers live.

    You may have noticed Facebook’s latest feature on your personal timeline known as “Facebook Stories.” Similar to Snapchat, it allows you to post videos which can be viewed for up to 24 hours before disappearing. Although this hasn’t been enabled through Facebook business pages yet, it’s very likely to happen in the near future.

    Pro-Tip: Even if you can’t post video content, it’s crucial to always have a link or a photo at the bare minimum.

    facebook post types
    Boosting Posts

    Many people make the mistake of just creating a post and boosting it right off the bat. By boosting posts in this manner, you will be spending more money for a lot less reach. The best practices for boosting a post on Facebook, from the words of Larry Kim, (founder of WordStream) is to “find the unicorn in your content, and boost it!”

    facebook content unicorn

    What all this unicorn talk means, is posting content to your Facebook organically and then analyzing throughout the week which piece of content you have posted that gained the most traction.

    By boosting posts that have already received multiple engagements, you are multiplying the number of impressions the Facebook algorithm will show your content to, even if it’s paid content.
    The Take-Away

    Organic engagement on Facebook isn’t optimized for business pages. In fact, it’s less than 1%. Now that you have a better understanding of how the algorithm works, you can modify your content and social media strategy to beat these algorithm odds for both your organic and paid reach.

    Always keep in mind that all businesses are not one-size-fits-all. What may work for one company, may be completely ineffective for another. It’s always crucial to set up tests to any new strategy that you are implementing for your social media efforts to determine what fits right for your audience.
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    I think it's important to have a social media presence in order to drive traffic to your site. FB pages work great if managed well.

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