Help! Car damaged, possibly totaled...need advice!

Dec 7, 2018

  1. Allen Trent

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    Merely processing a payment wouldn't be concealment or fraud. However, if while processing the payment it required a statement or verification of no losses during the lapse, that would be concealment.

    If Progressive doesnt cover the claim, you may have a long shot to recover damages from the party that had the furniture in the road if that party was ever identified.
  2. fed up

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    Nowwhat.....I know it stinks when your vehicle is not available for use. It is Saturday and you might not be able to check the status of your policy today. You need to speak with someone at the carrier, your agent if you have one. You need to find out if your payment was accepted and if the policy was continued without a lapse or if it was reinstated with a lapse. The simple fact that you made the payment does not mean that you are good to go. Don't panic. An underwriting team at the insurer will decide after the payment has processed if you are still a customer. Cal you agent today or Monday and get the policy status. the billing/underwriters have done one of 4 things. 1) terminated your policy and returned the premium, 2) applied a portion of the premium and returned the balance because the policy was terminated by you for late pay, 3) reinstated with a lapse, 4) continued in force without a lapse.
    You are hoping for #4. This is the only option which will help with your current situation.
    fed up, Dec 8, 2018
  3. toolbelt

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    If you can identify who lost that piece of furniture, you could sue them for damages.