Loomis company short term indemnity in CA

Apr 9, 2019

  1. kstein

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    Does anyone have a contact for Loomis co, carrier who sells short term indemnity plans in CA? I'm looking for a higher up in customer service or broker support to avoid the phone chain dilemma/not getting someone that has the authority to make an exception.

    I also wonder if there are any CA rules that are favorable to the consumer where you can't have short term while on ACA.

    Have a client who had a 3 mo gap 10-1 thru 1-1-19 and then went ACA coverage 1-1.

    His short term plan didn't term 1-1 and we are having a heck of a time getting reimbursed 3 months.

    Message me if you can help or have any thoughts,
    kstein, Apr 9, 2019