Selling commercial insurance to business owners

Discussion in 'P&C Insurance Forum' started by mike6075, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Good advice! I have a Plumbing Contractor's License and just got my 220 P&C License in Florida. Any advice is welcome!!!!
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    Do you mind me asking what your sales process is to avoid being a quote machine? I'm a new agent with a focus on commercial lines. I'm pretty well versed in most products and understanding of the insurance products is not an issue. I would like to get a sales process that doesn't end up with me giving a bunch of quotes.

    I envision something like:
    1) Identify my target prospects
    2) Make contact with a goal is getting a meeting
    3) Meet the prospect and use this meeting to "fact find" business needs, gather/review existing coverage

    It is at this step I would like to "win" the prospect so that when I come back with the proposal, we will be binding coverage. My question is how do I do that at this point? If I get the customer to agree to move forward with the quoting process with the expectation that means they are agreeing to do business with me, would it be appropriate to request the prospect to sign a BOR at this time?
    If not, how is it that you avoid preparing quotes for every person you meet with?
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    Ask him to write a check for the coverage he's buying.

    They aren't agreeing to do business with you until they write the check.

    BORs mean nothing. They can be revoked. His signature on a check means he's decided to do business with you.

    When you realize you are in the insurance business and not the quoting business.

    To be honest, I have no idea how to tell you how to accomplish that.

    Guess I'll leave that to the next batter.

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