Genetic Disorder, is It a Preexisting Condition?

Discussion in 'Life Insurance Forum' started by baajluni, Sep 6, 2017.

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    Hey gang, I did a bit of preliminary research on the forum on the topic of 'genetic disorder' not much came up, so I am posting here! Are genetic disorders and genetic mutations just as debilitating to people seeking insurance as someone that caused their illness, like smokers or type II? Is their special treatment for people with genetic disorders?
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    It's interesting that you post that question today, the day I got my AARP monthly bulletin which has an article about genetic testing to determine if one is susceptible to certain diseases.

    The article reports that such DNA testing can be accomplished by mail order without having it arranged by a doctor.

    But "Reasons to be cautious remain. A test that shows a risk potential for a disease doesn't mean the patient will develop that condition," says Scott R. Diehl, professor of oral biology and health information at Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences in Newark, NJ. "Most diseases have a complex causality, which means that it's often not a single gene that results in illness, but the complicated interaction between an individual's genetic makeup and his or her environment, diet, even tobacco use."

    The article goes on to say that US laws protect consumers from being denied health insurance based on genetic tests but quotes Erica Ramos, president elect of the National Society of Genetic Counselors "there are currently no protections in place for long term care, disability and life insurance. In some states, a life insurance application can ask if you've had genetic testing."

    Other than what I just read I have no knowledge that would enable me to join the discussion. Let's see what the life and health guys have to say. Maybe there are trends appearing in life and health applications and underwriting.
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    The short and long answer. It depends.

    It really just depends on what it is and what effect it has upon mortality and/or morbidity. Obviously each product will look at it differently. Life insurance is concerned with mortality, what effect it has on your lifespan, while long term care and disability care about morbidity and the likelihood of become disabled or needing care.

    Not all genetic disorders/diseases/mutations are the same. I am not aware of any company that looks at genetic testing other than as a diagnosis. However that could change and I simply may not be aware of it.

    So again, it depends. A condition that makes your skin unusually sensitive probably doesn't matter, while a condition that has a serious affect on the heart would be a big deal.

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