Insure Your Love Campaign

Feb 8, 2016

  1. Brian Anderson

    Brian Anderson Executive Editor

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    Sure, chocolates and flowers are nice “immediate gratification” Valentine’s Day gifts, but are soon gone and forgotten. Jewelry gifts may be treasured and lasting, but if someone REALLY wants to give a gift that can show you care and make an important difference, it’s hard to beat life insurance ensure (insure?) the continued protection of loved ones. Yeah, not sexy or exciting – probably have to “tack it on” to a more tangible, traditional gift. But still, it’s too bad more uninsured or underinsured people with families don’t even think about it as a way to show their love.

    Life Happens’ “Insure Your Love” campaign has some new tools producers can utilize to help raise awareness of the need for and value of life insurance this month. Learn more at the link below.

    I think the messaging of the Insure Your Love campaign is sound in theory, but in your experience, have you ever had a prospect be receptive to this kind of Valentine’s-themed pitch? Or have you ever tried this pitch?

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  2. Lainey

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    I subscribed to Life Happens and I'm trying something different using the Insure Your Love campaign as a springboard. I've set up a fundraiser for a local daycare this month. It's going to be interesting to see how it goes. Hopefully it will have a good response and become something I can replicate in all sorts of other places. In exchange for scheduling and keeping an appointment, parents will receive a few valuable benefits at no charge and I will make a donation to the facility in their child's name. It's a work in progress but I'm hoping for the best!
    Lainey, Feb 9, 2016