QQCatalyst - entering wholesale business

Jan 11, 2019

  1. Cessna

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    I am a retail specialty agent (aviation insurance) but occasionally get requests from P&C brokers to shop aviation risks.

    It’s all Agency bill.

    I can’t figure out a good way to handle dealing with retail agencies when I am acting as a wholesale agency in QQ. I can enter the retailer as an employee so their portion of the commission is logged, but then the accounting is goofy because I won’t receive payment in full due (for the actual gross premium) due to the retailer holding back their commission. I also can’t produce an invoice thru QQ to the retailer.

    I can make the retail agency the customer, but then have the issue of billing premiums that don’t match the policy due because they are retaining some of the commission.

    Anyone know of some functionality I’m missing? If not, what’s the best workaround?

    I’ve found the system to be really good except for this issue.
    Cessna, Jan 11, 2019