WAS gonna post in getting started...

Jul 3, 2019

  1. Desmond Doss

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    THANKS I was on the fence about what to do til I read your comment. And I just ordered a guide from eBay.

    Reviews on eBay and here note the books almost never change--this one was brand new in wrapper, printed 2018 but copyright 2004.

    Other reviews reminded me that insurance exams are pretty easy--ALWAYS go for the absurdly long answer!

    Question: You make a life insurance presentation to a prospect and he is still undecided. You should:

    A. Beat the Crap out of him
    B. Leave and poop on his yard
    C. Call the state Insurance Volunteers, his Power of Attorney, Beneficiary and order a copy of the state document 1;6;889;LI and set up a meeting in the carriers board room with all present

  2. Travis Price

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    I'm sorry, maybe something was lost in translation.

    Full disclosure, I don't care what you do. I think it's silly to go to eBay for study materials for a different state that are a different year... Then again, I think the upsell packages for the Insurance license are silly. The pre-licensing course is pretty through.

    If it works for you and yours, great.

    Personally, if someone that was going to mentor me said, I got this guide off the Internet for 2012 from Illinois for only $20, my first question would be, "Don't I live in Michigan?"

    Ultimately do you. Insurance laws do change and are different from state to state. That's why there's a pre-licensing course.