FYI: Birthday Calls

Jan 12, 2009

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    20+ years in this business and I have always had my office staff mailing bday cards to life clients and signing my name to them. Blah, Blah nothing special. With our new management system in place and all records finally scanned in at the beginning of last quarter, I decided to implement a new test program for the last quarter of 2008. I ran a report for "all" of my clients who had a birthday during the month, approx 450/month and divided the printouts among the staff. I asked each person to call as many as they could on their list and just tell them we noticed their bday and wanted to just call and tell them happy bday. The first thing I noticed with my staff was an increased energy level and even some staying after hours to make the contacts. I had not made this mandatory, just call as many as they could was the request. Maybe the satisfaction of the calls being so well received may have motivated them to make even more calls!
    Apparently "being nice" has rewards for both parties.

    Most importantly, referrals and cross sells began to trend upward almost immediately and as of Dec 31st were up dramatically over same timeframe as 2007.

    Moral of the story........ WTF took me so long to figure this one out ??
    1manshow, Jan 12, 2009