Interesting Client Call

Dec 13, 2008

  1. agent4sail

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    I had an interesting phone call from a referred contact yesterday. He had gone on line to the BXBS website and filled out an on line application. He apparently believed BXBS would notify him before drafting his checking account. Nada, nope, BXBS drafts upon approval. But they not only drafted for the plan quoted, but added to the draft the rate ups for his medical issues. He was angry. He told the BXBS rep that he was PIss**off and wanted to cancel the plan and wanted an instant refund.
    Someone gave him my name and number. He called to tell me how bad BXBS is, how they had ripped him off, cheated him and deceived him. He said he had been referred to me "cause I sold insurance".
    Well, the short of it was, he felt embarrassed at not having read the small print on the companies website contract and would never do another application on line under any circumstance. I wrote him the same BXBS plan, same premium as the company had drafted, and did it for him on line. He is just happy, happy, happy.
    Must be something in the water!!!
  2. moonlightandmargaritas

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    The guy is a problem child who will cause you headaches down the road. Just wait and see....