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    SIMA Introduces our new "Festivus Friday" chats!

    Let's face it, no one enjoys talking to insurance agents, except other insurance agents. So, with this in mind, SIMA will be hosting Festivus Friday Chats every Friday (unless noted) at 12pm Central (1pm Eastern) in the main SIMA Chat Room, starting this Friday, February 8.

    No need to register, just mark your calendars to join us in the main Chat area Fridays at Noon Central!

    Not a SIMA member? Membership is free! Join SIMA at

    Each week will feature a general topic to get things rolling, and will have invited guest hosts from time to time as well to answer agent questions.

    - - -

    NOTE: What is Festivus? An obscure secular holiday (featured on the Seinfeld show) which features the "Airing of Grievances" and "Feats of Strength". Usually observed on Dec 23, but WE have changed it to weekly on Fridays. This is too meaningful of a holiday to leave it to once per year.

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